Family Office Services

Alpha Strategies provides specialized investment consulting services to wealthy private investors, family offices and their related foundations, advising them on asset allocation, manager selection and due diligence.

We utilize a post modern portfolio theory approach using both traditional and alternative asset classes. Our clients tend to be long term investors who prefer a comprehensive and customized investment strategy based upon their specific goals and objectives. Working with Alpha gives investors access to our decades of investment experience and perspectives in real estate, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, equity and fixed income investing.

We utilize a manager-of-managers approach to portfolio management which focuses on best of breed investment managers across the investment spectrum. In our experience niche and boutique managers have consistently outperformed their larger counter parts for a myriad of reasons. Our goal is simply the pursuit of absolute returns and maximum gains while minimizing volatility and portfolio loss.

Single Family Offices

For large family offices ($200 million +) we help provide external resources to your internal research and investment staff.

Our dedicated team of professionals assist with sourcing deal flow, manager selection and due diligence. We provide specialized industry, sector or project research upon request. We are flexible in our engagements and can work on retainer, per project or hourly to accomplish your goals.

Multi Family Office

We work with multiple families to provide customized exposure to traditional and alternative investments.

Our clients look to leverage the deep knowledge, experience and relationships for exceptional and differentiated investment opportunities. We can create customized fund of fund portfolios or merely help to create a portfolio of Alpha producing managers in both traditional and alternative asset classes.


Often an extension of a family’s philanthropic goals, we work on the investment side to ensure the lasting success of the assets. We start with the investment policy statement and design an allocation which will provide for the annual distribution requirements while maintaining and growing the principal.

We then develop a mix of strategies that will provide stability of absolute returns while minimizing the volatility of the portfolio. Ongoing monitoring of the allocation and managers is necessary to maintain the integrity of the portfolio. We meet annually with the board to update them on the status of their portfolio and make any recommendations for changes in the allocation or managers.

Private Investments

Through our relationships with substantial families nationwide we are aware of many private investment opportunities. Through our personal relationships and knowledge of family interests we are able to provide introductions between motivated sellers and interested buyers in a number of industries.

Often these deals are handled directly between the two parties ensuring the privacy of the families and the transaction. Our role is primarily as an intermediary but we are often engaged to help with industry research, due diligence or as investment bankers to the transaction. All banking transactions are handled through an affiliate relationship with Five 9 Securities, LLC.