Tribal Finance Division


We share the interests of our Tribal Nation partners to diversify their economic base, create jobs, diversify revenue sources, and help them to prudently manage their investable assets.

How we work

Alpha works with sovereign Tribal Nations to create solutions and assist with the unique financial challenges they face. Alpha has made a commitment to our Native American partners to assist them with economic development and project financing. Our approach provides our Tribal partners with an advocate who can access institutional capital on their behalf by structuring financial solutions which are mutually beneficial.

Our team has decades of experience and relationships with many of the world’s top financial institutions which we access on behalf of our clients. We understand their needs as lenders or investors and create structures which are mutually beneficial to all parties. There are unique advantages to doing business on sovereign Tribal lands and we explore the use of all possible options in our transactions. We look for unique ways to provide financial growth opportunities for our Tribal partners by maximizing their resources.

Nation Building

Gaming revenue is a significant source of revenue for many Tribal Nations but only a portion of the 565 federally recognized Tribal Nations are participating. For those with gaming revenue we help to diversify their interests into other industries and enterprises. For those without gaming revenue we help to identify business opportunities with industries suitable to their geographic location and available resources. As with any nation a strong and diversified economic base is essential to the longevity of its people.


Financial Services
Online Lending
Senior Living
Government Contracting
Environmental / Remediation
Energy / Renewable Energy
Telecom / Call Centers

Consulting Services

Investment Consulting
Private Equity
Real Estate Consulting
Asset Management


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