For Managers

Alpha Strategies has works with different managers on the development syndication, and distribution of private investment offerings.

Fund Design and Syndication

Alpha Strategies has worked with 17 different managers on the development syndication, and distribution of 24 private investment offerings over the last five years. Our team uses a proprietary model which gives new managers a streamlined and cost efficient approach to structuring a new investment offering.

We believe that by working with each manager through the complexities of creating a sound investment policy and syndicating the fund is the best way to help facilitate their future success.

The fund design and syndication services we offer include:
•    Investment strategy formulation
•    Due diligence and compliance reporting
•    Exit strategy identification
•    Service provider aggregation

Enhanced Marketability and Exposure

Alpha Strategies works with best-in-class emerging and/or early-stage managers to increase their assets under management by helping them improve their marketing capabilities and enhance their exposure across the different capital markets and wholesale distribution channels.

We strive to create a collaborative team dynamic between our firm and the managers we showcase on our investment platform, and maintain a suite of compelling sales and marketing strategies that can be directed at any investor base. We also helps design and execute strategic sales and marketing campaigns.

Services we offer to enhance marketability and exposure include:
•    Design, improve, and execute customized sales and marketing campaigns.
•    Identify qualified investor groups and wholesale distribution channels.
•    Generate qualified leads and schedule face-to-face meetings with potential investors.
•    Represent the manager at related investment industry conferences and national events.
•    Increase capital market exposure by facilitating PR and media introductions.

Investor Relations and Client Services

Our primary role is to ensure that each manager we represent remains visible across the different wholesale distribution channels, and stays within their stated investment strategy mandates.

By providing each manager with professional investor relations and client services support, we can alleviate some of the manager’s day-to-day responsibilities and make sure that they stay focused on their performance and execution of their investment strategy.  Alpha Strategies acts as a liaison between the fund manager, service providers, and individual investors, in order to maintain proper compliance and regulatory standards.

Investor relations and client services we offer include:
•    Verify the accreditation status of all prospective investors.
•    Provide investors with monthly newsletters and investment updates.
•    Maintain records and monitor all investor and client inquiries.
•    Track the distribution of marketing material and offering doc to prospective investors.
•    Monitor the manager’s investment performance and reporting activities.